Monday, October 3, 2011

Pretty Pansies for an Early Spring Wedding

Wow, it has been a busy couple of months!  I am glad I finally managed to squeeze in a short blog post.  First off, lets just say I am obsessed with Pinterest.  If you haven't checked it out, it is a great site for ideas.  I am constantly searching through the Pinterest site and the web for photos and ideas for parties and weddings that match my invitations and inspire me to create more.  The collage below is an example of photos I have "pinned" to one of my boards.  To check out more of my pins or to become a follower on Pinterest click on the follow me button below or on the right.Follow Me on Pinterest

Violets and pansies add delicate and natural features to a winter or early spring wedding or party
When I designed the Violet Vintage Botanical Wedding Invitation, I loved the simple and natural feel of the featured floral design mixed with the elegant and delicate text.  Printed on thick luxurious cotton paper makes it extra sweet.  Violets and pansies make a perfect addition to a vintage or rustic wedding.  From shortbread cookies, to favors, to the bouquet, these versatile flowers can be used in so many creative ways.  For more info on how you can create this natural look for your event click on the follow me on Pinterest button for links to each photo above or click on the links below.

Violet Vintage Botanical Wedding Invitations: Tiger Lily Invitations
Purple Skirt and Potted Pansy Favors: Style Me Pretty

Spring Cupcakes and Violet and Pansy Bouquet: Martha Stewart Weddings
Pansy Shortbread Cookies: Stonegable
Purple Martini: Delish

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  1. So tastefully done!

    I have heard a lot about Pinterest lately.