Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Daisies are in Bloom

Okay, so I have finally put together my first photo collage!! I was inspired by a beautiful invitation one of my customers ordered from the Birchcraft album. The one shown here is from Carlson Craft and it is hot off the press. I have been saving the photo of the cake from Martha Stewart Weddings for months, so the invitation just gave me a little more motivation to finish this. I designed the yellow and white programs for a customer last summer. Her colors were yellow and purple, but I think they would look very nice with grey or black also. I love the cute yellow bridesmaid dress from Dessy; it's not too formal and not too casual; just perfect for a summer outdoor wedding. The daisy monogram on the church door and the little yellow boutonniere add just a touch of whimsy. My mom should love this post; daisies are her favorite flower!