Wedding Stationery Tips

Wedding Stationery Timeline and Tips

Engagement Party
He asked and you said “yes”; now, it’s time to celebrate!
Order invitations as soon as you have set the party date.
Send 3 weeks before the party.
Tiger Lily Tip: The engagement party is a great time for the bride and groom’s family and friends to get to know each other. If you haven’t registered yet or don’t want your guests to feel obligated to bring a gift, be sure to mention that on the invitation.

Save the Dates
Order as soon as you know the wedding date and location.
Send 6 months before the wedding.
Save the Dates can be as casual and fun, or traditional and simple as you want. You can really have fun with the Save the Dates.
Tiger Lily Tip: If you go for a more traditional save the date, try to stay in the same color scheme and overall look as your wedding invitation. 

Wedding Invitations, Response Cards, Reception Cards, Envelopes, Maps and Directions, Thank You Notes
Select and order 5-6 months before the wedding.
Invitation packets should be mailed 8 weeks before the wedding.
RSVP cut off should be 3-4 weeks after invitations are postmarked, check with your caterer to make sure this is enough time.
Tiger Lily Tip: Don’t forget to order a few extra in case you have some unexpected additions to the guest list or a few handwriting snafus. For an additional fee I can assemble and send your invitation packets. Don’t forget matching thank you notes!

Wedding Programs
Order 6-8 weeks before the wedding.
Tiger Lily Tip: When selecting your program, keep in mind the amount of wording you would like to include and how large your bridal party is.  Don't try to cram 30 attendants and a detailed ceremony section on a tiny program, it may be cute, but will grandma be able to read the tiny type?

Bridal Shower Invitations
Shower host should order invitations 6-8 weeks before the shower.
Send 1 month before shower date.
Tiger Lily Tip: It is always nice to supply the host of the shower with the wedding guest list. Custom printed shower invitations make great scrapbook mementos!

Favors and Accessories
Order 3 months before the wedding.
In the rush of planning, don’t forget about napkins, cake knives, toasting glasses, guest book, and favor boxes and bags.
Tiger Lily Tip: Many brides are exhausted from selecting invitations, so I suggest that when brides pick-up invitations, they set aside time to discuss and look through the albums for favors and accessories instead of trying to select them on the same day as the invitations.

Menu Cards, Seating Chart and/or Place Cards
Order 6 weeks before the wedding.
Tiger Lily Tip: Menu cards add a nice touch to a sit down dinner, especially if you are serving a signature cocktail or use a special family recipe for a food item.   Seating charts and place cards keep everything organized and takes the stress out of finding a seat at the reception.

Rehearsal Dinner Invitations
Order 2 months before the wedding.
Send 1 month before the rehearsal dinner.
Tiger Lily Tip: Discuss colors and guest list with the groom’s parents or the host of the rehearsal dinner. It is nice to have your rehearsal dinner invitations complement your invitation suite or have a fun theme.

Bachelorette Party and Bridesmaid Luncheon Invitations
Start planning with your bridesmaids two months before the wedding.
Tiger Lily Tip: It is a busy time for everyone in your wedding party, so plan early and suggest that the host have invitations printed so everyone will be sure not to miss out on the fun.

Okay, that was a lot of information, so take a deep breath and make an appointment or email me when you are ready to start this wonderful and exciting process. I can make this process smooth, organized and enjoyable, so that you can present your guests with invitations and favors they will want to keep for a lifetime.

Jessica Armstrong
Tiger Lily Invitations
Cornelia, Georgia


  1. Hello,
    When I design custom invitations, I offer to design custom postage for my clients to complete the look of their invitation package. The party starts when the guests open their invitations, so setting the tone of the party with the invitation is important. But even before the envelope is opened, the first impression the guest has of the invitation is what’s on the outside.

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